Privacy policy

The following policies for privacy and confidentiality are employed in order to provide protection to the user of Internet web site  This web site is administered by the Tecnológico de Monterrey, which will be referred to from this point onward as “ITESM.”  Any person who navigates or uses this Internet site will be referred to as “USER.”

1. Type of Information Included

The term “personal information” in this privacy policy refers to all information of a personal nature (including but not limited to name, date of birth, home address, and e-mail address) that can be used to identify the USER.  This privacy policy safeguards all personal data that is requested in this policy and that the USER voluntarily submits to the Internet site during the registration process or at any other time.  ITESM may utilize the “Internet Protocol” address for administrative purposes or in order to gather additional information, which is also safeguarded as confidential.

2. Privacy Declaration

ITESM does not compile personal data of the USER except when the USER voluntarily provides this information upon registering in the Internet site given above or upon sending e-mails or other forms of communication to ITESMITESM does not process or make available to third parties personal data without previous consent from the USER.  Under this privacy policy, consent is given by means of the USER electronically accepting to include his/her personal information in the Internet site.  ITESM guarantees to the USER the rights to privacy set forth in this privacy policy.  The USER accepts the condition that ITESM has access to his/her information in order to manage technical or other service-related needs.

3. Purpose of Having this Information

Personal data contained in confidential information will be utilized for statistical purposes as well as to keep the web site up to date and to send promotional information, selective publicity, or material that ITESM may consider to be of interest.

The USER accepts that ITESM will employ this personal information for statistical purposes and to conduct market research and other related activities.


A cookie is a tiny file of generated data in a person’s computer.  This file, stored in a person’s computer, contains information that makes communication between the person and a web site easier (for example, USER name or password, or any other necessary information about the person’s identity or the configuration of the person’s browser).  A USER may activate or deactivate cookies by selecting the appropriate option in the configuration of his/her browser.  However, in order to successfully navigate and use the contents of the web site given above, it is necessary for the cookies to be activated.  With this in mind, ITESM is not responsible for the deactivation of cookies, which will hinder the performance of this Internet site.

ITESM may deem it worthwhile to provide to suppliers and other third parties the personal information that is generated by way of the cookies.  This is done so that these suppliers and other third parties will be able to collaborate, offer services, and otherwise assist ITESM in the optimal functioning of the SITE and its services.

5. Confidentiality of Information

With the exception of the following limited circumstances, ITESM does not share confidential information supplied by the USER, nor with any third parties, without the authorization of the USER.  ITESM may disclose confidential information, (1) when ITESM deems this information necessary in order to identify, communicate with, or initiate legal proceedings against a party that may be damaging or obstructing the rights or property of ITESM; (2) when ITESM considers the information necessary in order to comply with the terms and conditions of use for the Internet site; (3) when ITESM considers the information necessary in order to abide by legislation or a person in authority who requires it; (4) when ITESM deems the information necessary in order to maintain the optimal functioning of the SITE and its services.

In accordance with that explained in the preceding paragraph, the USER understands and accepts that this privacy policy does not apply to information that the USER voluntarily provides when communicating with other people by way of e-mail, chat rooms, and other similar activities.  It is the responsibility of the USER to be prudent in the type of information that he/she gives out when participating in these public activities.  ITESM is not responsible for the privacy or the data-collection policies of third-party providers of services and products, nor is ITESM responsible for the way in which these third-party providers of services and products utilize the information that the USER gives.

6. Modification, Update, and Elimination of Personal Information

Personal information provided by the USER will make up part of a file in which the USER’s profile is contained.  The USER may at any time go into the file and modify and/or update information.  Sometimes data provided by users becomes out of date or requires updating by the USER so that ITESM may give a more personalized service.  For this reason, it is necessary for every USER to keep personal information up to date.  It is not the responsibility of ITESM to continually update the data of every USER of this web site.

When processing personal information, ITESM ensures that its staff and the functioning of its Internet site comply with the necessary security and confidentiality standards in order to secure the protection, integrity, and privacy of the information compiled by USERs of its Internet site.  ITESM will take reasonable measures to make it possible for USERs to update personal information that has been written, and ITESM will take reasonable measures to respond to a USER’s request to eliminate from the database his/her registration and personal information.  However, it needs to be understood that it could be impossible to completely erase a USERs data due to copies made for security reasons and registers of eliminated data.

7. Protection of Personal Information

Information provided by the USER is protected by different security devices through which the USER may gain access.  Given the fact that no Internet transmission is 100% secure, ITESM cannot guarantee that the information transmitted on its web site is completely secure.  This means that the USER utilizes the web site at his/her own risk.  The USER is the only person responsible for keeping secret his/her password and account information.  To lessen the risk, ITESM recommends that the USER close his/her account and the web page when finished using the web page.  This is especially important when the USER shares a computer with someone or when the USER utilizes the computer in a public place such as a library, an Internet café, or any of a number of other public places.

8. Agreement to Terms and Conditions

The privacy/confidentiality declaration, as a part of ITESM’s privacy policy, constitutes a valid agreement between the USER and ITESM.  When the USER utilizes this web site, this means that the USER has read, understood, accepted and, consequently, agreed with ITESM on the terms and conditions explained above.  ITESM leaves to its own discretion the realization, at any time, of any changes to this privacy policy.  Any such changes come into force from the moment in which they are placed in the SITE.  If the USER does not agree to these terms and conditions (and/or any modifications made to them), the USER will not provide any personal information nor use this web site or any information associated with Internet site

9. How to Contact ITESM regarding any Questions about this Privacy Policy

For questions regarding this privacy policy, interested parties should go to Internet site