About temoa

The word "temoa" represents the words "to seek, investigate, inquire" and comes from the Nahuatl language. The Nahuatl is a lingua franca that served as communicative language bridge between peoples that made up the various Mesoamerican cultures.

is a knowledge hub that eases a public and multilingual catalog of Open Educational Resources (OER) which aims to support the education community to find those resources and materials that meet their needs for teaching and learning through a specialized and collaborative search system and social tools.

  • It contains selected educational resources, described and evaluated by an academic community.

  • Resources categorized by area of knowledge, educational level and language, among others.

  • Provides a friendly search engine through intuitive filters.

  • Allows the creation of communities around educational resources.

The education in a different way

With the intention to collaborate in the struggle to reduce global education gap and enrich the learning process, seeks to support the educational community to find those resources and materials that meet their needs for teaching and learning, through a collaborative system of specialized search and social tools.

Aware of the advances in technology worldwide and the hundreds of new resources that are published each day on the Internet, the way we see the world has changed, this also has a significant impact on education, both in the way of learning as in the way of teaching. It is a reality that information is available in massive and exponential way, mainly through digital media on the Internet. The vast majority of the times, information is accessed freely without any filter, raising questions about its authenticity, validity, and reliability.

helps you find online educational resources 100% reliable, which substantially supports the education of students and teaching methods among educators.